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Chintan Sareen

Founder - Director and Creative Head

Getting your film screened in Cannes Film Festival is a dream for many. Well, Chintan Sareen has lived that dream, not once but twice. Two of his short films were screened in Cannes Film Festival in the year 2011 and 2012. Founder and Director of Tea Stall Studio, Chintan Sareen is many talents in a single body. This US educated prolific designer, educator, photographer, film maker and editor, and digital media developer, have explored wide and far of the creative world. Tea Stall Studio is the fruit of his imaginative mind. His vast experience is the driving fuel and inspiration for the company.

With creativity in his gene, Chintan is never content by restraining his talents in a single field. His artistic self compels him in being versatile. This multi-talented individual has explored diverse fields of creativity. His zeal for variation has made Tea Stall Studio an all-in-one multi dimensional agency of digital and print platform.

He is in deep love with every one of those technologies that helps in assisting his ingenuity to produce something amazing. For 10 years, he has explored diverse arena of creative world. He has been associated with major brands of Dabur, Skoda, Maruti, Haryana Tourism, HSLSA, Nokia, Lilliput, Axe, ICC World Cup and Shiva Trilogy.

Presently he holds immense experience in fields of animation, visual effects, product design, television commercials, film making and Architectural Pre Visualization. His work has been recognized all across globe. He has directed numerous short 3D animation movies, TVCs and live action films.

During initial stages of his career, he started venturing out the world of education. Today, he has extensive experience of working with some of the most prominent institutions of designing in India. Frameboxx Animation and Visual Effects, Arena Animation and MAAC are some among the list of elite institutes. His role as an educator is as prominent as a creative expert.

Passion, intelligence and personal communication are the attributes that guides him towards the path of success. Hand-on experiences in varied fields have helped him to examine each arena in a closed way. His understanding of customer need and eye for perfection helps the clients in getting premium service at best value.

He blends his experience and knowledge in a perfect way to present creative solutions to the clients and their audiences. He operates the organization with combination of creative mind and business personality. This is the secret of success and uniqueness for TSS.

Profile of this talented personality is incomplete without mention of the awards and achievements.

  • 1. Best Lighting and Cinematography 24FPS Awards (2006).
  • 2. Nomination for Best Animation Short film at the Asia Image Apollo Awards Singapore (2006).
  • 3. 1st Runners Up in the Best Short Film Category under $15000 at the Digicon Awards Japan (2006).
  • 4. Nominated for best short film at Zee Studio Get Shorty Awards.
  • 5. First Prize at
  • 6. Documentary Goonj
  • 7. Runner up - MAM Movies I am The Change Film Festival, Mumbai (2008).
  • 8. Nominated - 3rd International Short Film Festival, Mumbai (2008).
  • 9. Nominated - (Culture, Development and Education) - Chinh India Community Film Festival, New Delhi (2009).
  • 10. Nominated - Sixteen:Nine International Film Festival, Mumbai (2009).
  • 11. Nominated - Filmbooth Short Film Festival, New Delhi (2008).
  • 12. Nominated - 1 TakeMedia Short Film Contest (2009).
  • 13. Screening of Short film at Cannes Film Festival (2011).
  • 14. Best Students short Film Award at Golden Cursor awards (2009).
  • 15. Best Students short Film at CG Tantra Awards Mumbai. (2009).
His success lies in his determination mixed with perfection for work.

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