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Tips to Deal with Stressful Life

Thinking of the alternatives to get rid of the workload is like taking stress on something which you can't control. Seriously it's a waste of time. It is something which cannot be changed easily as you have to perform certain tasks and duties in a certain time bound.
So, what you need to do to get relief from the stressful life? This is the major question of every person who are dealing with the stressful life.
Well here

Government Can't Do Anything Jab Tak Hum Dhit Hai!

Recipe For Creative Chai!

Projects are just like a carefully crafted dish. With proper ingredients and right ways, a delicious and excellent result is produced. We understand the need for unique dishes and we serve the same. Want to know our recipe for the creative chai? Well, read on. Read more...

The Unconventional Guide To Problems Of Web Developers

It has been a few days since the web development team at Tea Stall Studio is trying hard to make a client happy. Bogging their mind, endless brainstorming sessions and getting glued to their system has become a regular routine. The question is what is the issue? Is it because they lack skill? Well, no! It is because, of those unspoken problems that the developers fail to convey to the clients. Read more...

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