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Government Can't Do Anything Jab Tak Hum Dhit Hai!

Everybody wants to take Freedom but not Responsibility

One, two, three, four?? How many you want?? There are many. Infact the whole city is here closing their eyes and walking like a style guide. They are creating, they are experiencing, but still, they are blaming. Yes we are talking about Delhi and its traffic-dirt problem. Whether you say, pollution, Delhi says I am here, if you say balme everyone, Delhi says I am here. If u ask, where is the traffic? Delhi say I am taking the charge. Having a crunch of widespread audience, it have prospective damages too, damages according to the people’s perception.

Garbage is all around gifting the diseases like cholera, malaria, typhoid etc. Irresponsibility is situated in the best corners of human being. Are they ready to cooperate? No, Never, they are ready to blame and getting frustrate…..the speed of life is instantly making better spect of freedom and living like a free bird but a responsible action is lacking in the Delhi’s aam aadmi… They are not even concentrating on government welfare programs like Swacchh bharat abhiyan because they don’t want the fruit of the best world. They just want a fracture of style all the time. Do you think is this right? Who will take the responsibilities of maintaining social order and eco-friendly environment. The monsoon has also given a tap to Delhi people’s back by crediting them to make more damage in the environment by putting garbage bags into the water resulting in blockage of water around city.

Here is the real face of Delhi people how irriresponisble they are. Throwing garbage in the rain water, due to some tired minds all people facing many problems. We all are living in same society, clean our house but never put hands together to clean the society why? While we don’t change our thinking nobody will help us even neither god nor government.


So, what is offered on the best price?? Responsibility or Freedom?????..... Choose Responsibility and live a healthy and united life with no hurdles else try to convince yourself by just saying YES I Am Free. It will cross connect you with society’s harm and many social evils.

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