Selling people what they love

We find the best names in the media spectrum and use our finest creativity to promote your business.

Media buying is an art of convincing audiences with finesse and subtlety

Popularizing a brand and making it a hit among people is never a success especially if the said 'popularizing process' or advertisement is very direct. Eventually, the rules of media buying is to make the promotion smart, crisp and appealing enough for your customers to remember you and want to follow you with will and dedication.

Let's give you an example: when we see newspaper ads of popular brands, whether we're interested in the product(s) advertised or not, we do take a look at them. This one good look is essential in turning visitors into loyal customers, and that is the strategy that we as a media buyer aim for.

At Tea Stall Studio, our team believes that the key to a successful media buying process is to plan and buy media in a way that offers 360 degree view to your brand. We understand the need to grasp the unbound potential of different mediums available. It will certainly present you with the much needed exposure.

With an experienced team of media buyers, our strategies are formed in a way that determine your ROI for every rupee you've spent. We believe in non-traditional methodology and changing communication according to your needs, and our decade long association with local and national media helps you in getting your ads placed and published on the right place in the right platform.

Exploring every medium well and getting the best out of all

Electronic Media

When it comes to electronic media, media buying is always a success. With impacting visuals and audio, this type of media has always been a success in capturing the attention of your customers and having a lingering effect on them. It's no novelty that we often end up buying items after watching an advertisement or hearing the same. Our team carefully uses this very essence to process the strategy of popularizing your business on the public platform.

  • Radio
With our expert understanding of where and how to showcase your business, we process on our skill and buy the best position in prominent channels for you.

Print Media

In this modern age where Internet rules, it would be wrong to say that print media has entirely died off. Print media still has an aura that can stand the test of time. It has evolved with a blend of the latest digital world tricks and continued to maintain its popularity among public. We work to keep this aura persistent by bringing the best of our creativity and using the smartest strategies to render your business its deserving audience.

  • Magazines
  • Journals
With the usage of smart ideas and catchy words, we score the best and popular newspapers to promote your business right to the target audience.

Out-of-home Advertising and Digital Advertising

The key element that ought to be remembered in outdoor and digital media buying is to be super creative and spot-on. As a leading online media buying agency, we understand the pulse of this platform and use it to your advantage. For OOH (out-of-home) advertising, we focus on making the advertisement throw an impact while your audiences are on the go and in digital or internet advertising, we strive to make the approach unique thus ensuring that your business stands out.

Scouting Alternative Spheres

We at Tea Stall Studio never shy away from surveying every possible horizon of a sector. Our creative minds take us to the peak of creativity and we love to brainwave and challenge the convention to hitch something out-of-the-box every time we take on a project. Our ideas of media buying break the shackles of normalcy and we present to you new platters always. We aim achieve absolute success in fulfilling your requisites and helping you accomplish dedicated customers in the long-run.

  • Brand Integration
  • Sponsorship
We use the loyalty of your customers to blend with the excitement of a new or additional product to boost the growth and turnover of your business.