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The Unconventional Guide To Problems Of Web Developers

It has been a few days since the web development team at Tea Stall Studio is trying hard to make a client happy. Bogging their mind, endless brainstorming sessions and getting glued to their system has become a regular routine. The question is what is the issue? Is it because they lack skill? Well, no! It is because, of those unspoken problems that the developers fail to convey to the clients.

FROM IMAGINATION TO REALITY: Our imagination can take us to Mars. Of course without Mangalyaan, silly! Granted, that some level of imagination from your end is required when your website is designed. However, expecting that it will take a complete shape in the virtual platform is like defying reality.

NEVER ENDING CHANGES: Yes, we value your suggestions. After all, it is your site, we are creating. However, bringing up changes each time the product is presented will delay the work. It can also result in confusion that will hamper the quality.

CLUELESS WANDERING: Often the client fails to have a clear idea about the project. No doubt, you are the best at what you do, so are we. If the technical details bother you too much, then leave it to us. You enjoy the end product prepared to serve your requirement.

IT ALWAYS COMES DOWN TO COST: “You will JUST create my website and it will cost that much? Ummm…yes!” Creating a website is not ‘just’ work. It requires skill and talent blended in the right proportion. Low cost and high-quality product is never a good combination. Our aim is to present you with finest product at competitive prices.

This blog is just like an open letter to the clients about the unspoken problems faced by the web developers. A better understanding will always help in creating better results.

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