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Your reputation our responsibility

Famous actor Robert Downey Jr., popularly known as Iron Man among his fans, confessed that he enjoys Googling himself to read all the delightful and also not so pleasant comments on him. Do you too love to search yourself on internet? Well, you must know that it can act as a Pandora’s Box, so you never really know what you might be presented with.

The same is applicable when you launch your online business. Proper management of reputation is necessary if you want to keep your brand image positive. It is essential to have a positive image in this platform. Otherwise, your business can suffer a huge setback. Do you know why? Because, over 80% of consumers use search engines to determine the reputation of an organization! We, at Tea Stall Studio, are here to fix the problem and ensure that your online reputation and visibility remains unadulterated. Our crafted digital marketing services help you maintain a positive image.

Here are some ways that we incorporate in the service package for ensuring the online reputation of your website.

Search Engine optimization: In layman’s term, this is the method that helps your site to be easily visible online results. Significance of this process lies in the fact that it can help in presenting your site with proper exposure. It can help in highlighting your site to gain mileage over the competitors.

Social Media Promotion: Social media platforms play a great role in increasing the visibility of your website. Our experts have mastered the art of managing the leading social networking sites. We help you gain traffic to your website and generating leads. As a digital marketing agency in Delhi, we offer

Google: Being the most used search engine, Google lays down different parameters for the websites to appear in their prominent result page. Our experts thoroughly understand the contemporary algorithm of Google. Also, they keep themselves updated about the changing trends. Furthermore, we use our expertise in Google Adwords to ensure that your website always appears on the top.

Website Management: Management: A website is the path that ensures your entrance in the world of new media. Truth is each day several new websites are becoming a part of this platform. Each day the pressure of competition is mounting on your website. We offer you with the service to maintain each attribute related to your website. We make periodical changes to ensure attractiveness and ingenuity of the site.

Online reputation management: You cannot stop someone from making negative comments about your organization. With unrestricted freedom of speech anyone can defame you on this vast platform. The impact of such defamation can be grave. Our experts help you in sustaining your online reputation by managing the negative comments.

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