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Profit for every rupee spent

At Tea Stall Studio, we believe that you need to plan and buy media in a way that gives 360 degree view to your brand. We understand the need to grasp the unbound potential of different mediums available. It will certainly present you with the much needed exposure. We make sure to give 100% growth to your business without increasing your media buying budget.

Choosing right media platform at the right time is an art. It determines your ROI for every rupee you have spent. Our team has explored the media buying field intensely. That gives us the advantage to place your ad at the right place in the lowest price possible.

As a top media buying agency, our team believes in non-traditional methodology and changing communication according to your needs. Our decade long association with Local and National Media helps you place your advertisement in front of the right audience.

Television: Often jokingly referred to as the idiot box, this platform still acts as the predominant channel to reach your potential audience. With rising popularity, hundreds of channels have made this medium crowded. However, our experts have the skill to pick the effective channels that can help you get the enhanced exposure. We make sure that you get the best position in prominent channels during famous

Radio: Catchy tunes and memorable music forms the base for the medium of radio. It is also a perfect medium to convey your message across the targeted audience. Buying radio space needs special skill of negotiation. Our expert negotiators make sure that you pay the least possible price for ad space to get maximum benefits.

Online: Introduction to new media and its reach is needless. In fact, advertisement in this platform has taken form of a full-fledged marketing tool. However, in this vast world which is the right place to start? This is the question you often face when you want to use online platform for your advertisement. Well, relax! Sit back and let us create a smooth path for you. We have years of experience in this platform and owe use that experience to get you the best space to place your advertisement. As a leading online media buying agency, we understand the pulse of this platform and use it to your advantage.

Print: Print: Many new media forms have emerged with the development of technology, and many assumed that it might the end for the print media. Well, they couldn’t be more wrong. Prominence of this media can be experienced in everyday life. Using that prominence we help you in placing your ad in the leading newspapers and magazines.

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