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Out and loud!

Caught in traffic jam sitting in a bus with no place to move and you start focusing on the ad fixed to the bus ahead of you. Standing in metro and reading the ads placed inside the compartments. Travelling in car and catching the glimpse of ad on the big hoarding. Different people across varied setting are doing one thing in common, reading advertisement.

Outdoor platform have always played crucial role in placing an advertisement. We, at Tea Stall Studio, help in your business growth by helping you select and buy the right place for your outdoor advertisement.

Advantageous service ranges
We guide you through each step of media planning. From space planning to placement of ad, you will find our experts right beside you. Here are some of our outdoor ad services at a glance.

Hoarding: Big board placed at prominent places on busy roads help in increasing your visibility. We have specialized service for this outdoor media.

Vehicles: Numerous vehicles passing through roads prove to be the perfect means for placing your advertisement. Our experts seek out the best space for reaching your target audience.

Platform: Railway station and Metro subway both have huge potential to arrest the attention of the targeted audience. Our work is to make your ad placement hassle-free and profitable.

Tapping the potential of outdoor media ad is our specialty.

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