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Speak with written words

Eating Pakoras from a packet made of paper and suddenly noticing a small piece of news and then reading the half written information with undivided attention. Sounds familiar? Do you often do this? Well, this is the beauty of the printed media.

True that print media is facing a tough competition from the other forms of Media, but the pleasure of reading the printed words can never fade. That is why print media is still considered to be one among the major medium for advertisement.

Where skill dwells
We, at Tea Stall Studio, help you in getting prominent place for ads across leading newspapers and magazines of the country. Be it on the market of Janpath or across print media networks, our skilled negotiators have learned never to back down until they manage to get the lowest price possible. We understand the value of your money and thus help you in getting the most excellent space at the best price.

Service in details
Here are some of the goals we fulfill through our tailor made services.

Individual planning for the print media is not our only skill. As a Media buying agency in Punjab, we also develop all-in-one media buying and planning service across varied media.

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