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Fruitful Whisper

Mobile charge – checked.

Headphone- Checked.

Essential checklist needs to be completed before you step out of your house or else how will you listen to radio on the way from your house to office? And, no radio equals boredom. Isn’t that so?

Few years back radio meant listening to flat and formal voice on nationalized channel. Fast forwarding to the present time- radio is now one among the vital mode of entertainment. From funny to emotional, you can listen to a wide range of programs- not to forget the never-ending list of advertisements.

Impactful medium

Radio! Once forgotten medium has now revived itself not only as an entertainment platform, but much more. It is also a major advertisement medium. Different channels across varied frequencies have emerged to be the podium to reach wide audience. With our specialized service, we make sure that you get the prominent time in famous radio programs at an affordable rate.

Our approach

Tea Stall Studios makes sure that your ad is served hot to your target audience. Here is a brief look at our methodology. As a media buying agency for radio, we deal with entire process of media planning. Our aim is to help you place your ad in front of right audience.

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