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Being serious

Dark suits…. Matching ties…. Leather files… Serious faces… these are the images that linger in one’s mind when they think about corporate events. Well, we understand that there is a certain air of formality lingering over these events. However, there is much more to it than that!

Being a specialized agency of event photography in Delhi, we tend to capture different important moments that make a complete corporate event. We understand the focus points of the event and work in accordance with the same. Our professionalism and fun loving photographers capture each moment of your corporate event with total seriousness.

Set for Selfie?
From American President to young college students, the ‘selfie’ wave has touched each and everyone. Taking a ‘selfie’ and showcasing it in the world of social networking sites has become a norm of the modern era. What if you get a chance to take pictures with a celebrity at an awesome location? Sounds fascinating, right?!!!

We, at Tea Stall Studio, present the youngsters with the perfect stage for getting hold of awesome selfies. Besides providing services for elite event photography in Delhi, we are also involved in organizing music and dance events in different clubs across Delhi. Let go of all your worries and enjoy to the fullest during these events. What’s more? It emerges to be a perfect platform for you to unwind yourself and take some amazing pictures. Just imagine the wonder when you get a place in a perfectly clicked picture by our photographer.

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