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Delivering message though the best platform

"I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I experience and I understand."
- Confucius

An online web presence means opening yourself up to the world. However, you are stopping short of reaching a full global audience potential because of the English language as your only content. Only 25 per cent of the Internet is in English, this means you’re not tapping into the larger 75 per cent!

To maximise your reach and increase awareness of your brand, potential customers across the globe need to be in a position to access your material but they can’t! At least not yet! Tea Stall Studio offers a comprehensive multilingual SEO toolkit that boosts your search rankings using keywords that work across various languages e.g. French, German, and Spanish.

Tea Stall Studio not only zones in on country-specific queries on search engines, but we also distribute our focus based on where the languages and dialects are spoken. An example is if you required certain keyword optimisation in German, we would not solely focus on Germany but more broadly at countries with the Germanic language undertones e.g. Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, South Africa and more.

By employing the use of meta-tags and translating a portion of your content into the foreign language of your choice, Tea Stall Studio enables you to reach a broader and more relevant audience.

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