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Creating life with technology

Empty cups of tea, crumbled papers, open laptops and intense gazes submerged in deep thinking- this ispretty much the picture when we get indulged in creating groundbreaking videos for your project. Our creative mind indulges in long hours of mind boggling sessions to come up with the right design and concept for your video. From Idea generation to script writing, from shooting to editing and final distribution, we can take everything on us. At Tea Stall Studio, We serve 360 degree video production solution.

We are in-house full-service video production company with just one aim - adding soul to every video we produce! We love to push our ability, our equipments and our outlook to the fringe. We bring imaginary stories into motion with 2D and 3D Animation, design, direction, motion graphics and VFX. Our hunger for quality and distinctive output makes us work round the clock.

Television: This mass medium is the perfect way to reach wider audience with your message. We help you advertise your services through this media. Our creative minds have unbound imagination and they explore the never-ending horizons to come up with genuine and unique ideas for your advertisement. Moreover, professionalism and market understanding blend with the creativity to produce excellent

After movie: Great events should not fade away like a lingering memory. Moreover, a successful event is the step to a great next one. After movie is the perfect way to capture those awesome moments of the events forever. Our expert videographers have special skills for creating amazing short videos with the help of shots taken during the event.

Architectural walkthrough: Let your potential customers experience the beauty of your architectural creation with this unique service. We make impactful videos that evoke interest and attention in your clients. Telling story of your architectural beauty is a skill we have developed.

Corporate movies:  Smart and crisp presentation is such that is liked by all. So why not mix that with the medium of video to convey your message across your targeted audience. Videos developed by our experts serve as a perfect way to get connected with your potential customers. Our Corporate Video Services help you in establishing fruitful business communication.

Digital videos:  Videos emerge to be a perfect way to market your business. It is also a widely used tool to create a distinct brand image for your company. Our creative videographers create each documentary with utmost dedication. They do not consider the shooting to be work; it is more of a challenge for

Documentaries: Documentaries: Being a distinct genre of film making, documentaries serve multiple purposes. They are the way to represent facts in front of the audience with an artistic approach. We deal with documentary preparation in different sectors.

Our Video Editing Services in Delhi are not restricted by geographical boundaries. Don't hesitate to ask for a quote if you are looking for someone who can go for on location shoot anywhere in the country. Our shooters anyway need a reason to escape the studio.

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