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Ideal path for positive image!

In 1922, Robert Flaherty took a bold step to record the lives of Eskimos. Thus, ‘Nanook of the North’ came into life. It was the first documented movie in the history of films. In documentaries, the camera doesn’t direct the subject but the subject directs the camera. Documentary is filming the truth. We, at Tea Stall Studio, have talented videographers that love to capture the message that you have to convey to the world in documentary style.

Developing a dream

A documentary helps in telling your story through the unbiased eyes of lens. Touching each stage of development with perfection is the specialty of our experts.

Our unique approach of working and creative thinking has helped us become the leading Documentary Production Services in Delhi. Purposefulness of the documentary is fully maintained during production, which helps create a positive image of your business.

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